LISA was the first record made by Later Babes. Starting with a limited budget, we decided that the best way to spread our music was to make our records free to anyone that wanted one. We quickly saw 2500 digital downloads of LISA after releasing it digitally online. We eventually pressed 5000 physical copies of LISA to be given away to friends and fans. In turn, we saw bigger crowds with every show. We brainstormed how we could get more albums into more potential fans hands, and came up with the idea to mail anyone that sent us their address a copy of the album. By launching a social media campaign with the intent to mail out thousands of records, we quickly gathered hundreds of home addresses. We figured that if we invested $1.50 into each potential fan, that eventually they would re-invest their money in us by coming out to a show or buying a t-shirt. After launching the mail campaign we saw the attendance at our next show double from 300 people to over 600 people. Being able to see that a small up-front investment in potential fans would come back to us many times over, proved to be a well calculated risk for us.