80s Babie

by Later Babes

The idea for 80s Babies came shortly after the release of LISA. Figuring out the right path for a themed album took us almost 3 years. Being able to develop a style of our own, the 80s record would rely on nostalgia and channeling themes from that era. The 80s have their own distinct style: Neon colors, hard lines, and some weird obsession with lions, all made the design a fun project. We teamed up with a video editor, Brett Bitner, and came up with an hour long 80's video montage to accompany our live set. We also drafted the concept and built a LED sign of our Cat Head logo to mimic old video games and neon signage. We stuck to a bright color scheme in the style of that era. We were really aiming to pull a full product together that was bigger than just the music.